Rider brutally hit by cop for not wearing helmet

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We have always been told that cops are here to protect us. However, this phrase never actually calmed us, since now and then acts of police corruption and brutality kept surfacing in the media. The latest incident happened in Kanyakumari, where a police constable wounded a bike rider for not wearing a helmet.

On 23 November 2017 5.24 pm, 25-year old Rakesh was riding with another person on his bike, without a helmet. Seeing a bunch of cops on patrol ahead, Rakesh tried to escape being caught by speeding away. Little did he anticipate the brutal reaction the constable would have.

As could be seen in the video, there were two constables on the left who were waiting to stop Rakesh. Seeing that Rakesh is in no mood to slow down, the two cops decided to pull back at the last moment. From the right, however, another constable decided to whack him on the head with a laathi. Even though Rakesh didn’t lose any balance, it was later recorded that he suffered a major wound on his head and was bleeding rapidly.

Even though it was later reported that the cop was suspended and was put under inquiry, it does put some serious questions on the law enforcement. It is clear that the rider was in the wrong here; he was without a helmet and didn’t stop to get a challan for the offense. However, is this the way the law would be enforced upon the citizens? The blow could have resulted in a much severe or even fatal injury. The rider could have lost balance and met with a possibly fatal accident. All of this could have happened, because of a missing helmet?

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We must respect our cops, who have the responsibility to maintain law and order in our country. But acts like these make people lose faith in even those countless good cops who regularly put their lives on the line for our safety.

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