Seven-year-old boy found dead with throat slit open in Gurugram’s Ryan International School

In a spine chilling incident that came to the forefront earlier today, a seven-year-old boy named Pradhuman Thakur was found dead with his throat slit open inside the toilet of Gurugram’s Ryan International School.

The students informed the school management and then the police who rushed him to Artemis Hospital. “He was declared brought dead by the doctors,” said Ravinder Kumar, PRO Gurgaon Police.

A police task force which includes forensic experts is investigating the case. They have found blood samples and fingerprints from the scene. A knife has been recorded from the scene of the crime. Classmates of Pradhuman as well as staff members of the school are being questioned by the police.

Varun Thakur father of the deceased boy said, “It is a clear case of murder, don’t know what happened but I am sure it’s murder.” He also added that the school did not inform him initially about his son’s death. They told him that his son’s health declined drastically. “They did not take care of my son. He could have been saved if he had been taken to the hospital in time”, said the grief-stricken father who is a quality manager by profession for a Gurgaon based company called Orient Craft. As reported by The Indian Express.

The school management underwent humongous criticism as hundreds of parents gathered in protest outside the school premises. However, this is not the first time that an incident of such magnitude has taken place in the school. On 20th January a 2016 a six-year-old boy named Devansh Kakora died after he allegedly fell into the water tank.

These devastating occurrences go on to show the negligence and incompetence of the school authorities. If the parents don’t feel safe after dropping their children to school, then something is seriously wrong with what the management is doing. It is a place for them to feel safe and sound. A lot of rethinking needs to be done by the school regarding its management. If something as brutal as the murder of a seven-year old could happen inside the school premises in broad daylight, then parents should think twice before sending their wards there.


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