Sex racket queen Geeta Arora alias Sonu Punjaban arrested for forcing a Girl into prostitution

Source: OutlookIndia

The infamous sex trafficker Sonu Punjaban was nabbed yet again on Saturday by Delhi Police. Known for her elite sex-trafficking business, the 36-year old Sonu Punjaban (real name Geeta Arora) has her business spread over the states of Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana.

The arrest was possible due to the statement of a young girl who used to be part of Punjaban’s sex racket. After being abducted in 2009 when she was merely 12 years old, she was forced into prostitution. After escaping in 2014, she had filed a complaint against Sonu Punjaban and her associates. However, seeing that no arrest was made, the girl went into hiding, fearing for her life. Only in November the police was able to track her and convince her to give further details about Punjaban’s business. The 6-month operation reached a conclusion when Punjaban was arrested from her hideout on Saturday.

“Sonu Punjaban was arrested on Saturday after she was interrogated by team headed by ACP Sandeep Lamba in Cyber Cell office of the Crime Branch”

This is not the first time Sonu Punjaban has been arrested for her infamous sex racket. A former call girl, Sonu Punjaban rose to high ranks in the sex trafficking business and eventually established herself as the top dog of the trade. She was first arrested in 2007 and booked under Immoral Trafficking Act. Out on bail, she was again arrested for the same offence in 2008.

In 2011, she was nabbed once again and charged under Maharashtra Control of Organized Crime Act (MCOCA). However, due to lack of concrete evidences, she was acquitted by the court in 2014.

This time, however, she is charged under Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act (POSCO). The police hope that her stint is finally at an end now, and her prosecution would help them in nabbing other pimps involved in the sex trafficking and prostitution business.

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