Social Experiment: Transgenders told to leave restaurant; people respond with compassion

More often than not, we claim that we are a progressive generation. We believe we are above and beyond the prejudices around and societal stigmas. But it is important to ask ourselves if we truly are that liberal and embracive?

How can we be so sure that our society is ready to accept transgenders and the LGBT community as its part?

The realisation that gender is not just a ‘binary thing’ (male\female) is slowly creeping up in the minds of people. Moreover, recent incidents have definitely thrown light upon the acceptance of transgenders in our community. The Kochi Metro hired 23 transgenders in May to give out a strong message against the prejudices surrounding transgenders. This act had been widely appreciated in the social media.

In another incident, a Bangladeshi Telecom company conducted a social experiment to test the acceptance and tolerance of the common public towards transgenders.

In this video, two transgenders are seen entering the restaurant and sitting down on a table. They had come to have their Iftaar meal. However, a waiter comes up to them and asks the duo to leave the restaurant claiming that other customers are not “comfortable”. Soon, another person joins the waiter and demands them to leave.

What followed next was quite refreshing and nice. Others present at the restaurant, who witnessed the entire incident, came forward to stop this injustice. They fought for the transgenders and claimed equal status for the two of them. They asked the duo to take their seats and enjoy their meal.

Their compassionate gesture has moved the hearts of thousands of people who have viewed this video.

Watch the video here:

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