Teen gangraped in UP’s Hamirpur, set her on fire

girl raped and burnt alive
source: udayavani.com

Another rape, another city, but the same helplessness of police and system in stopping such crimes. This time, the incident took place in the Majhgawan area of Hamirpur district in Uttar Pradesh where a 17-year-old girl was raped by two men and burnt her alive.

The accused intruded into the house when the girl was alone at her home on Sunday evening of 14th. Victim’s brother was also attacked by the intruders when he unexpectedly returned to the house. But he managed to escape at the right time from the crime scene. Girl’s brother also identified both the accused as Sonu and Sunil, residents of the same village. He said that when he reached the house from his grandmother’s home at around 6 pm, the door was locked. He entered the house from the roof and saw Sonu and Sunil standing near his sister’s corpse along with a bottle of kerosene. When they tried to attack him as well, he ran away from there.

Shri Sahab Lal Yadav, Additional Superintendent of Police, Hamirpur told Hindustan Times that it appears as if she has committed suicide after her rape by two men. But girl’s family argues that both accused has set her on fire after the rape when she was alone at home. The girl’s family had gone to the victim’s grandmother’s house in order to attend a marriage ceremony when the crime took place.

Currently, both the accused have fled away and the police are questioning villagers to find a clue about them. ASP Yadav said that they have launched a hunt to arrest the two men who have been accused by the girl’s family.

Girl’s father, a farmer by occupation, also informed in the FIR that the accused also took away all the jewellery and cash that they had accumulated for their daughter’s marriage. The marriage was scheduled this year in April with a man from Madhya Pradesh.

As you must already know, this is not the first such crime that has taken place in Uttar Pradesh or in India. Thousands of females are raped daily in India even after making updates in the Indian Penal Code (IPC) after the much talked about Delhi’s Nirbhaya Gangrape case. This is an indication that just deciding harsh punishments for the culprits won’t have any effect on the number of rapes. The Government needs to rethink the judicial system of India as the criminals are still not scared of the law. Judicial process in India is so slow that most of the time accused always roams freely while fighting their case in the courts for their whole life.

The Rapes in India can only be stopped either by changing the mentality of such people who commit such crimes or by making them scared of doing such crimes. The former one is not an instantaneous process and will take generations to have its effects. But the later one can be applied quickly by changing the way our system punishes the criminals.

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