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    Rahul Arora

    We ordered pizza from Domino’s on Friday night. Found Oregano sachets infested with insects. Did not discover it until the next day, when we opened one of the leftover sachets to spread it on some bread. We were shocked. Opened all the sachets they delivered and found these in every single one of them. Recorded one of it.

    Don’t know how many of these we actually ate! We feel outraged.
    For the record, we ordered it online on Domino’s mobile app on 08/Sept/17. It was delivered from Domino’s Pizza, DLF City centre, MG Road outlet – Order no. 416. The seasoning was manufactured for Jubilant Food Works Ltd. (which operates the Domino’s brand in India), by one Dry Blend Foods Pvt. Ltd. on 30/May/17 with a 6 month validity.
    They were fit to eat and carried FSSAI accreditation too.
    Now, who is responsible – FSSAI, Domino’s, Jubilant, Dry Blend Foods, or the outlet?

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