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    Nri abandoned wives is a serious issue in our society. Thousands of girls are victim of this crime. It is very painful for a girl. Guys abandoned these girls and do not come here.  It is not easy for everyone to go abroad and search . Sometime we could not understand. What is our status?  Am i single? Am i divorce? Am i widow?

    Life is like a hell. Someone did this to you and you have to give answer to society.

    Nri take advantage of Foreign law and get one sided divorce. Because its not easy to go in other country and fight your case. We need lot of money, Visa and a place to stay.

    I hope our government could see our pain and make strict law in India. We need a Nri Commission in every state. Where we can get help.

    In Punjab 25000- 30000 cases

    In Gujrat 15000- 20000 cases

    In Delhi almost 10000 cases

    Thousands of cases in South

    Many more cases in Uttarakhand and other States too.

    I hope people read this and think about this matter. I wish our Government could do more about Nri Marriage victims.

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