The True Saviour, Gagandeep Singh, saved the world from witnessing another incident of bloodshed in the name of religion

It’s a pity, but hard truth that We, the Indians, have still not understood the real strength and beauty of our diversified culture, caste and religion. Religion unites people and not divides. In a different era, God has sent Saviours to restore peace and to bring balance and equanimity amongst people.

India was to witness another bloodshed, in the name of religion, if Gagandeep Singh, the Sub-Inspector from Uttarakhand would not have reached on time to save the Muslim youth from the angry mob.

According to reports, the incident occurred when the Muslim youth went to meet his girlfriend, a Hindu, at Garjiya Devi temple near Ramnagar, where some activists came to know about it and surrounded the couple to beat them up to teach a lesson.

On being informed about the disturbance, the sub-inspector immediately rushed to the temple to save the youth, acting as a shield and taking blows on himself from the crowd.

A search warrant is on to catch five miscreants, whom face are visible in the clip. The incident went viral on social media and was applauded by everyone for his act of bravery. A reward of 2500 rupees has been announced for his courageous act.

The couple, later on, dissipated safely to their home from the police station.

It is indeed an act of bravery to handle such a delicate situation and to avoid another incidence of bloodshed. However, India needs more people like Gagandeep Singh to change the vision of our world.

It is our consciousness that can unite the two religion-Hindu and Muslim and a hero like Gagandeep Singh has shown once again an act of humanity and bravery. We should stop and think twice before swaying into an act that can increase communal tension.

Appraisals via various platforms like Twitter, Facebook alone cannot change the perception, it is we who need to ponder deep within before taking an action. The base of all religion states to respect humanity and somewhere down the line, people forgot the real meaning of it. We should rather aim for a better future where people of all sect can stay happily and without any fear of communal tension.


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