Two Indigo staffers suspended for misbehaving with a woman in Guwahati

Only two weeks back Indigo airlines had made it to the headlines and received a lot of flak when a video featuring its ground staff thrashing and mishandling a 53-year-old passenger surfaced the social media. Once again we come across another such incident of ill-treatment by the staff airlines.

Lawyer Krishna Sarma was travelling with Indigo Airlines from Guwahati on Sunday when she went through an unpleasant experience. Her mobile phone was allegedly snatched by a staff to delete certain pictures clicked by her.

Sarma had clicked some pictures when her luggage was being screened again and again. After completing the bag check, one of the staff told her to delete the pictures. When she responded saying that the pictures have been deleted, the staff forcibly snatched her phone and went on to delete the same from ‘recently deleted’ folder in the phone.

In a statement, Indigo said that the airline has contacted Sarma and regretted the inconvenience caused to her “In fact, we have kept her informed of the immediate steps that IndiGo has taken following her complaint,” the statement said. (As reported by Times of India)

Based on her complaint, Indigo suspended the two employees involved in the incident and will look into the matter in detail as soon as possible.

Sarma said, “I am satisfied that IndiGo responded with such alacrity”. But, she refused to talk further about the incident.

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