Video: Delhi Traffic cop who helped people stuck in heavy rain deserves an apploud

It goes without saying that the police and government are sort of punching bags for most people in our country. We blame 99.99 percent of our problems either on the government or the police. In the light of all the shoddy things done by some of them, the admirable work of the other earnest officers, are overlooked.

However, a recent Facebook post by one Mankan Bammi speaks highly of a Delhi policeman who selflessly helped people, jammed in rain. As stated by his Facebook post, Mankan got stuck in the Jam in front of the Raddisson Hotel in Delhi. It was raining cats and dogs and therefore, there were many others like him whose cars were bogged down in the jam.

It was then, that he caught sight of a cop who was pushing the cars that broke down due to the logged water, helping the people around even though he was himself getting all wet. Mankan decided to share this good deed by a Policeman, who are often at receiving end of people’s bashing. He shot videos of the cop helping the people and shared it on his Facebook account.

“Today I was passing through Raddison, Paschim Vihar round about while it was heavily raining. I was surprised when I saw a Traffic police guy serving public in totally wet conditions and then suddenly a car before my car fell broke down, immediately he helped the master of car so that car owner could be prevented from being wet. We people always criticise Police guys for their bad and mal deeds on the other hand we people should praise them too so that they serve us better. “

Furthermore, Mankan also happen to mention the fact that when he asked cop’s name, the cop was reluctant to tell for the fear of complain.

“The most unfortunate part was I couldn’t ask his name due to heavy traffic but after when after crossing round about I asked for his name to another traffic guy ASI Rakesh Kumar for name of that brave police man, Rakesh Kumar refused to tell me his name afraid of being complained of.”

The moral of the story is, let’s not generalise all the cops and put them in the same cup of water. That policeman could have chosen to sit under the shade, not getting wet in the rain. But instead, he chose to help the passersby, without caring about himself. We sincerely appreciate the cop’s gesture. Moreover, a big thumbs up to Mankan to bring this incident into limelight. After all, It never hurts to share a good deed!

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