Video: Selfie craze caused another tragedy; 8 youths drown in Nagpur’s Vena Dam

The trend of capturing the perfect selfie, aka the Selfie craze, is increasingly turning dangerous. Despite all the criticisms and risk to one’s life, the obsession to get the perfect selfie and video is only growing. In yet another tragic incident, this selfie craze took away the lives of 8 youths.

The accident took place in Vena Lake which is located on the outskirts of Nagpur on Sunday around 6:30 PM when a group of 8 students were trying to get the perfect selfie on a boat. As a result of all the commotion and probable overweight, the boat lost its balance and tumbled into the river. There were 11 people on the boat including 3 boatmen.

Although there were a number of boatmen and people in the vicinity who attempted to rescue the students, only three of them managed to swim to the bank of the lake.They have been identified as Amol M Dodke and Roshan M Dodke (brothers) and one boatman Atul G Bavne.

Afterwards, the Local administration was informed and search operations were started. Six dead bodies were recovered by Monday afternoon and the search continued to trace the two remaining missing bodies. The victims have been identified as   Akshay M Khandare, Pankaj Doiphode, Ankit A. Bhoskar, Roshan G Khandare, Pratik Amde ,Paresh Katoke, Rahul Jadhav and  Atul Bhoir. (As reported by Hindustan Times)

The group of youngsters decided to celebrate one of their friend’s birthday at Vena dam. They were having fun moments before the tragedy struck them as visible in the video. The group were busy clicking various selfies avoiding the warnings of the boatmen, shifting the weight to one side of the boat. This is said to be the main reason of the mishap.

Selfies attract a lot of attention on the social media. But so do these accidents. People take unnecessarily high risks both upon themselves as well as others to get that perfect shot. But remember, nothing is more important than one’s life!


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