Woman killed in Hyderabad by rejected lover

Love can be beautiful, but obsessive love is equally dangerous. The latest case of vengeance over obsession emerged in Hyderabad, where a young woman was murdered by a rejected lover.

The victim, identified as B Janki, lived in Hyderabad and worked in a supermarket chain. She came from Srikakulam, Andhra Pradesh in order to search for a job in Hyderabad.

(Source: India Today)

On Tuesday she was visited by a man in her accommodation situated in Moosapet, Hyderabad. Though she shared the room with other girls, she was alone at that time.

The man, later identified as Anand, left her room after some unknown time. But one of her roommates, upon her return, found the body of Janki covered in her own blood.

Multiple stab wounds suggested that it was a murder. Further investigation revealed that Anand used to work with Janki in the same supermarket chain and had allegedly proposed her for marriage, which she rejected. Her friend revealed that Anand had been harassing Janki for many months, despite warnings from her side.

The case was open-and-shut pretty soon since the culprit was arrested and confessed to his crimes. Janki’s story would become yet another story of how obsessive love can destroy lives.

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