Woman repeatedly slaps Indian soldier on street

While we sleep, they stay up all night guarding our borders. While we eat, they go for days without food, winning a war for us. While we complain that the air con is not working, they withstand extreme temperatures of deserts and mountains. While we crib about new clothes or not having enough fire crackers for Diwali, they are miles away from their families and homes, serving their duty.

We owe our lives to the Indian Army. We must not forget that it is only because of their valour and sacrifice that we live peacefully today!

Thus, when we come across incidents like these, where somebody misbehaves with our soldiers, let alone dares to physically assault them, it is really sickening.

In this video, a woman can be seen thrashing a soldier in the middle of the road. Although we do not know the actual reason, nothing can justify the woman’s actions.

On the other hand, the soldier, who is capable of putting a bullet in the enemy’s head in a blink, can be seen trying to defend himself, without reverting in rage.

Watch Video:

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